Why I Travel

When I started this journey, I knew I just had to see the rest of Southeast Asia. I knew I had to travel light because if I wanted to see most of it then I would have to keep moving every few days. This is why I'm only carrying a 7 kilo backpack. No camera, no laptop and no fancy outfits. 

I'm not traveling to take photographs, though to remember these beautiful places, I take one occasionally with whatever smart phone I have on me.  I'm not traveling to blog, get likes on social media, to check off a list, to freeload, to party or to get laid every single night. I will not get caught dead with a selfie stick. And while those experiences, alone or combined may be life changing as well, as boring as it may seem to other people, I'm actually traveling, first and foremost for curiosity's sake. 

I'm not doing this to escape reality, to runaway from daily life. I'm not traveling to avoid responsibility, or to be a different person. I have a pretty amazing life, thank you very much. I live in the most awesome surf island in Indonesia where I teach yoga in the most surreal surroundings. I take travelers around my secret beaches and viewpoints around the south coast and stare at the billions of stars at night time beside cozy bonfires on our beach. I love my life, but I can't grow without seeing the rest of the world. 


I'm still the same person I was over thirty years ago. That little girl sitting and eating sand on the beach is no different from the girl I am today. I have an obsession for pretty beaches and I still eat whatever the hell I'm craving for, though I have replaced sand with cheese nowadays. 

The only thing missing within me now are those years in between, those years I've been programmed by school, conditioned by society and by my family. They're all gone now, buried deep within my past for that is a version of myself that I did not choose or create. This is who I am now, and I refuse to be high on anything other than life. I've discovered that the purpose of our lives is life itself.